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The Story of Our Organization

Give Back to Liberia Foundation (G.B.L.F.) is a 501(c)(3) organization in Katy, Texas that was created from love and kindness. We are dedicated to helping those in need to overcome the challenges that they face, so they can live peaceful and happy lives.

How It All Began

During the heat of the Liberian crisis in 1990, nearly all pastors had gone into hiding in the township of Caldwell, Montserrado County, Liberia. The dire need for a volunteer to go out and preach the word of God and encourage people to keep hope alive became absolutely necessary.

Consequently, Rev. Daniel William Augustus Powell, a Methodist preacher at the time, was moved by the Holy Spirit to go out and evangelize. As people were afraid to go out amidst flying bullets, three of Rev. Powell's children, namely Dancy, Haniel, and MacDaniel Powell, agreed to join his evangelical campaign. This act of dedication laid the groundwork for the organization that is now called Give Back to Liberia Foundation. 

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I was born in Monrovia, Liberia in 1976 to Reverend Daniel A. Powell and Lucy Mathis. I left Liberia in 1990 due to the civil war and went into exile it was traumatic and difficult. In 1994, I traveled to Bamako, Mali having a difficult time due to economic status and language barriers. And due to that I left and went to Kenya in 1996. But in 1997 I returned to Liberia to search for my family after seven years to discover my family was experiencing difficulties, which led me to leave once more in 1999 to the republic of Gambia. Life wasn't any better because of corruption of the government.

The United Nations stepped in to help but because of the corruption of the government help was minimal and both women and children suffered. When the United Nations stepped in they offered a seminary and I took the opportunity to take a course in African fashion. After I finished the course I left the rural area and returned to the city in search for a better life. But life was still difficult and I left for the Republic of Senegal in 2001, I had no money or possessions. I went to the United Nations and they gave me 12 dollars a week to support me and my 2 children. They refused to give us a place and as a result I ended up sleeping on the streets for three months with creature of the desert.

During 2004, the United Nations had an International Refugee Day; I was invited along with other refugees to showcase my talents in fashion. And here I met the High Commissioner of the United Nations in Senegal. At the time I was unaware of who she was, but the next morning I received a phone call from the Office of the United Nations where she offered to assist me in promoting my business in fashion. She and I became friends; on Sept 4, 2005 I received a phone call informing me that the High Commissioner was looking for me to discuss how she could help to improve my life. She offered to sponsor me and my family to come to the United States and that's where my journey began here to the United States.

I am dedicated to helping women and children in both United States and in Third World Countries because of my own experiences as a refugee and as a mother of refugee children it would be a great honor to help the woman and children in similar situations of both the United States and Third World Countries. 

Ms. Dancy Powell

President and Founder of the GBLF

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See Ms. Powell’s Authorization Letter

Our Mission

G.B.L.F. seeks to demonstrate practical actions that will identify and address the needs of immigrants in the United States of America in difficult circumstances. The following are our aims and objectives:

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  • Establish a center in Texas for immigrants who have relocated to The United States of America. This center will offer English as a Second Language classes, career training, networking support services, therapeutic counseling, and other services as deemed necessary by the board in order to foster successful transitions for our clients

  • Conduct periodic trauma counseling workshops in the United States of America and in third-world countries

  • Raise disease prevention awareness (such as breast cancer and HIV) in the United States and in third-world countries

  • Foster sound education at all levels for orphans and abandoned children as well as daycare services, and provide food, clothing, and medication to Liberia and other third-world countries

  • Build centers for the aged and widows in third-world countries
  • Embark upon national reconciliation and peace-building initiatives, including an annual peace jamboree in the United States and in third-world countries

  • Construct schools, clinics, and a national headquarters for the orphans and abandoned children and secure sponsorship in the United States and in third-world countries

  • Counsel and care for uninsured pregnant teenage girls

  • The international team shall visit Liberia twice annually, in March and October, to inspect the project

Our Vision

In the future, G.B.L.F. will be highly recognized and appreciated for providing education, medication, food, clothing, shelter, and health care for orphans, the aged, and widows in Liberia as well as fostering peace and reconciliation.

The G.B.L.F. will be responsible for helping the volunteers with housing, and we are also strongly seeking long-term volunteers that'll love to visit that would also help. And we strongly encourage our missionaries to visit our children once or twice a year.

Our Core Values 

G.B.L.F. is guided by a set of core values to which all members, staff, associates, and volunteers are expected to adhere to. G.B.L.F. is founded on the following values:

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  • Honesty, Integrity, and Discipline
  • Hard Work
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Leadership and Collaboration
  • Tolerance
  • Optimism

Upcoming Project 

Time Give Back to Liberia Foundation LLC. purchased their first 1 acre of land in Liberia, around Robert Field and Marshall Highway. 
This land is dedicated to establishing our first international center. 
And it consists of a school with nine classes, a clinic, and a residential house for international 


this moment the funding for the project is coming out of my pocket which as a single mother I do not have that kind of money, but by the grace of God I am trying to do it all on my own. I’m hoping that in the future we can get some help from UNHCR, UNDP, ICRC, Uniself, and Save the Children. Red Cross.
During the bloody civil war in Liberia that led me into exile as a refugee inspired me to establish this organization in the United States now for the past 10 years. 
As a single mother I have dedicated my life in the little way that I can to help other children around the globe. 
This organization Give Back to Liberia Foundation LLC. is registered as a Non-profit Organization with a 501-C3 exempt, licensed with the federal Government and the state of Texas as well as being international.
I’m hoping and praying that who so ever has a chance to read my letter will see the need of urgency in this statement.
 I’m hoping that by February 2018 we will start the ground breaking of our first international school. 
This school will be dedicated to help the needy and poor with a very low 2% charge rate as well as the clinic. 
I hope that this cover letter will serve as an idea of which direction the organization will go in the near future.
The total estimated cost is approximately 1.5 million US dollars. 
That will serve as a 3 year budget including of paying international staff, local staff, and construction of the project. 
If we are given the opportunity to be funded by any of these organizations we are going to make sure that every penny is well spent of which it was intended for. 
I hope to be given the opportunity with our own initial expense for you to know that I will do anything in my power to make sure this project is successful.


Mrs. Dancy Powell

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